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Oakham, Rutland, England, United Kingdom

latitude: 52.67, longitude: -0.74
Browse map of Oakham 52°40′12.00″ N, 0°44′24.00″ W
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Oakham is a town in Rutland, England, United Kingdom at latitude 52°40′12.00″ North, longitude 0°44′24.00″ West.

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Still to do

  • The road round the back of Somerfield is missing (between High Street, South Street and the railway line), and street names here are unlabelled.
  • Gaol Street (from High Street/Church Street junction to South Street, fairly newly pedestrianised) is missing.
  • The track out to Dog Kennel Cottage from the bypass is incomplete.
  • The course of the Oakham Canal is worth mapping. Done all the way from Wharflands out to Langham's Burley road. Beyond Burley road it needs doing.
  • Feedback from user paul on the Rutnet forum:
    • Cold Overton Road isn't marked. It's the straight-ish road that goses past the hospital & disused factories.
      • Marked in OSM, label is cropped out of this image. Ojw 00:16, 24 October 2006 (BST)
    • The road you have marked as 'Braunston Road', where it joins Cold Overton Road, is actually 'West Road'. Braunston Road continues over a junction round to join Long Row and Derwent Drive.
      • OJW's waypoint 159, should mark "Clifton Court, off West Road" (Clifton Court is just a block of flats + garage, probably not marked on our map) so we can add that - Fixed
    • John St (which loops around the back of the closed-down supermarket facing on to the High St) is missing.
  • Feedeback from user Mike on Rutnet:
    • You could spell cemetery correctly.
  • Some park areas are still hidden behind the landuse=residential rendering. Blackadder 10:55, 25 October 2006 (BST)
  • Change the colour of cycle paths to stand out better alongside the bypass route. Blackadder 10:55, 25 October 2006 (BST)
  • Schools are not showing up. The are there in the data and tagged with amenity=school so I guess it just needs an icon link or name display.

Area spotting

Can anyone spot the areas in housing-estate road names?

Mark what you see:

  • Palaces
    • Buckingham road
    • Holyrood Close
    • Windsor Drive
    • Sandringham Close
  • Rivers
    • Severn Close
    • Shannon Way
    • Welland Way
    • Dove Close
    • Tyne Road
    • Trent Road (I used to live here ;) -- Richard )
    • Forth Close
  • People
    • Churchill Road
    • Alexander Crescent
    • Mountbatten Road
    • Kennedy Close
    • Browning Road
  • Mountains
    • Grampian Way
    • Cheviot Close
    • Alpine Close
  • Trees
    • Ash Close
    • Cedar Close
    • The Beeches
    • Orchard Close
    • Hawthorn Drive
    • Bramble Close
  • Birds

There's a whole estate of roads named after Birds.

  • Cities in Alberta, Canada
    • Edmonton Way
    • Banff Close
    • Camrose Close
    • Lethbridge Close
    • Jasper Road