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There was an effort to do an bulk import of the TIGER 2005 data (public domain data source of US streets) back in 2005/2006. This page documents some details of this old work for historical purposes only. Information here is now mostly out-of-date. Any useful TIGER related information should be found on the TIGER page.

An import run took place in 2005, but unfortunately had to be shut off, and data purged, in November 2006 due to data integrity problems. The initial run was completed by Ben in 2005 for Manhattan (New York County, New York). It included name and ZIP code tags.

Discussion info on the corrupted initial import: http://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/dev/2006-November/002561.html

This discussion (21/03/2007) more juicey information, but all the next-step ideas are out-of-date now.

Chicago data downloaded by City search=chicago, zoom=14. Rendered with osmarender and enlarged to show detail
This graph shows the import progress during 2006 (for interest only. The data was later purged) See also other Stats

The old TIGER importing scripts

The TIGER import scripts were checked into OSM subversion under at: applications/utils/import/tiger_import (at time of writing, the files here are ben's old scripts, which have not been updated with more recent 2007 code at all)

The only tag data supported by those import scripts are:

  1. "name"
  2. "from_zipcode"
  3. "to_zipcode"

When the old batch scripts were running they would make a nightly update to a status file in subversion: http://svn.openstreetmap.org/applications/utils/import/tiger_import/status