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The feature "surface" should have only the values paved and unpaved. This is easyer for a first crude characterization of a way for everyone . After this, the ways may be characterized with more details. Two additional properties should be used. One for the crude quality and one for the material quality. Other pictures with special requirements are desired and everyone is asked to find a good description for this.

surface_macro - plane (eben) - wavy (wellig) - holey (löchrich) - softly (weich)

surface_micro - smooth (Beton, Asphalt) - sandy (sandig) - stony (steinig) - plant (pflanzlich) - ice

Situation surface surface_macro surface_micro
Surface wavy.jpg
paved wave smooth
Surface grade1.jpg
paved plane smooth
Surface plane sand2.jpg
unpaved plane sand
Surface grade2.jpg
unpaved plane stone
Surface grass.jpg
unpaved wave plant
Surface grade5.jpg
unpaved wave plant