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OpenCage GmbH (website) is a company based in Hannover, Germany offering a forward and reverse geocoding API based on open data.

Products / Services

OpenStreetMap Activities

Affiliations / Memberships

  • OpenCage has been corporate members of the OpenStreetMap Foundation for many years
  • OpenCage is a member of FOSSGIS eV
  • OpenCage is a member of OSMUK


OpenCage started in 2013 as a project within Lokku Ltd, a UK-based company with a long history of using and supporting OpenStreetMap. Lokku's primary product was the real estate search engine Nestoria, the first commercial users of OpenStreetMap OSM blog post. In May 2015 Lokku was acquired, and the OpenCage project was spun out into an independent company (OpenCage Data Ltd, UK Reg. no. 09485974), and has run independently ever since. In July of 2019 the business changed legal jurisdictions to Germany and became OpenCage GmbH company details.


OpenCage was founded by: