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OpenGastroMap Europa-z5.png
Slippy map:
Please note that the service of opengastromap has discontinued since February 2017 until further notice.

OpenGastroMap was a special map that showed all mapped restaurants, pubs and hotels. There used to be a traffic signal indicator for permitted or forbidden smoking. Green = no smoking, Yellow = separated rooms, red = smoking allowed.

Existing Maps

You can reach OpenGastroMap (Mozilla Firefox only) (neutral view, with cuisine info)

and via MapJumper

Note: There are some problems using this map with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 7.


OpenGastroMap was created for the non-smoking initiative, as a result of which the citizens of Bavaria could vote in a referendum whether or not smoking should be allowed in bars and restaurants. The initiative, which comprised members of all parties, planned to create a map showing non-smoking bars and restaurants. It was planned to create this map with Google.

Some active OpenStreetMap members offered to implement this using the free OpenStreetMap.

Since requests for such maps are frequent, and in order to make implementation easier for non-programmers, the "political maps" project was created together with Wikimedia and Wikipedia. The aim was to create a tool for easy implementation of such applications. OpenGastroMap is intended as a prototype, which has much more to offer than to show where smoking is allowed and where it is not. Possible future uses include: showing contact information for each place in a popup, searching for a particular type of establishment (restaurant, bar, hotel, café etc.), searching by cuisine (Italien, Greek etc.), finding establishments with free Wi-Fi access, routing, adding new places etc. Some of these are already underway.

Hence the broader name "OpenGastroMap".

Map Images is a worldwide map with edit functionality (screenshots from June, 30th 2010): covers the area of Germany, Austria and Switzerland and displays a cuisine icon for each restaurant:


Meaning Tags
(political view "Smoking ban") (neutral view)
Marker-circle-empty-red-32.png red Gastromap blue1.png blue square smoking allowed everywhere or in a dedicated area without an effective separation smoking=separated, smoking_hours=*,
smoking=yes, smoking=dedicated
Marker-circle-empty-yellow-32.png yellow Gastromap bluegreen1.png square/circle smoking allowed in an effectively separated room smoking=isolated
Marker-circle-empty-green-32.png green Gastromap green1.png green circle no smoking smoking=no
Marker-circle-empty-blue-32.png blue Gastromap missing1.png small circle this restaurant is not mapped with the smoking tag no smoking=*


Editor of

  Blue circles indicate unmapped amenities.

These can be tagged by the user easily:

  1. center on blue circle
  2. go to maximum zoom level
    now a pink pencil appears
  3. click the pencil
    now an editing window pops up
  4. Use the dropdown list and choose the correct option (German)
  5. accept the license and you have added the information.

After a few days the change will be visible in the map.
Hilfe zum Bearbeiten der Karte (mit Bildern)

In the Mass Media

Create your own Map

In case you want to create your own GastroMap or use it as a template for a new specialized map, please have a look at the installation page.