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This site contains several schemata of languages and how route instructions for the OpenRouteService can created.

ORS instruction languages / translations

Please help to improve the Instructions and the translations! It's important that you add a "building phrases" schema for your added translation ...

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building phrases

Schema of the creation ...
Notice: <FillWord> in the instructions are only <On>, <For>, <Before> and <After>. <StartTag> and <EndTag> are only used for the beginning and finally instruction!

German - "<MobilityBasedMovementInstruction> <Direction> <FillWord> (Streetname)"
Beispiel: "Fahre rechts auf (Straßenname)!"

English - "<MobilityBasedMovementInstruction> <Direction> <FillWord> (Streetname)"
Example: "Go left on (Streetname)"

Vietnamese - "<MobilityBasedMovementInstruction> hướng <Direction> <FillWord> (Streetname)"
Example: "Đi hướng trái trên (Streetname)"

Hungarian - "<MobilityBasedMovementInstruction> <Direction> <FillWord> (Streetname)"
Example: "Forduljon jobbra erre: (Streetname)!"


The set of translatable keywords and phrases in OpenRouteService is currently a topic of discussion on the OSM-Dev mailing-list and may be improved.


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