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Find here the Frequently Asked Questions to the OpenStreetBrowser

The map background or an overlay for my home town is missing!

The map is built from tiles sized 256x256 pixels, which are not rendered in advance but they are rendered on first access. So if you are the first person to look at an area there will be no tiles. They will be added to a rendering queue and will be available later. At very busy times it can happen that the requests will be dropped. Check back every now and then, finally the missing tiles will pop up :)

I updated something on the map a week ago and it still is not displayed on the map background or an overlay!

Yeah that's right. OpenStreetBrowser doesn't have the resources to render every change. A tile will be rendered on access when it is more than a month old. But still the new tiles will not be available right away but after a delay, as they are added to the rendering queue (see first question).

Why does the OpenStreetBrowser react so slowly on clicks and requests?

That problem exists since the OSB became quite popular. Our hardware is just too little to serve thousands of users at a resonable speed. Great improvements of the code are not expected to appear, so the only thing we can do is look for more and better hardware. Since the whole project runs without any money, we would be happy about everybody that offers hardware for the OSB for free.