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This page currently lists incomplete and informal notes about some technical features of OpenStreetBrowser.

New users may find the OpenStreetBrowser/Instructions page more useful.

Disclaimer: Some of these Features rely on not yet approved features. These features might be subject to change.


I introduced so called collections in my application, which are basically auto-generated relations (but I'll drop them in a later version and replace them by real relations with a very high unique id). You will recognise them on the ID "coll_1234".


The rendering of Places depends on the tag 'place=*' and on the tag 'population=*'. Therefore three types of Cities are distinguished: large cities (> 1 Mio inhabitants), medium cities (> 200k inhabitants), smaller cities (or cities we don't know about). The same for towns: large town (> 30k inhabitants) and small towns. So make sure your places have a population-tag!

name=*: If there's a "name:en"-tag and the value is different from the "name"-tag, this value is being displayed in smaller font under the main name. (Maybe this should be changed to the "int_name"-tag???)


In some layers routes are displayed. Most interesting is the "Public Transport Layer" which shows directions and the halts. Ways shared by several routes (of the same type) are combined and one text is written, e.g. "1, 3, 4".

Stops, Stations, Halts

Stations with the same name=* that are close to each other will be collected to a "Collection" with the type "station". You can also create a relation for this yourself, where you can add the subway entrances and other amenities which are interesting to this station.

-> Have to write a Proposal for this.

Look at this Proposal, probably this is what you meant: Proposed_features/unified_stoparea --E-Malte 12:33, 30 April 2009 (UTC)


If there's a tag "wikipedia:language=" then an abstract from the according article in that language version of Wikipedia is displayed in details. A tag "wikipedia=" is ignored (at least as long the language of this item is not known - I have some ideas for this, I will write a proposal for this later).