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OpenStreetMap Tags Editor
OpenStreetMap Tags Editor v1.1 Firefox.png
Author: Ilya Zverev
License: MIT License (free of charge)
Platform: Web
Status: Active
Version: 1.1 Changelog (2022-07-25)
Source code: Zverik/osmtags-editor
Programming language: JavaScript

An extension that adds an "edit tags" button to every object on

OpenStreetMap Tags Editor is a simple editor implemented as a browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox that manipulates the OpenStreetMap website frontend. It was developed by Ilya Zverev in 2022 as a quick hack.

How to use

Before you can use this editor, you need to open iD once by clicking the Edit button.

The extension adds an "Edit Tags" link to the bottom of an element's details page. Clicking the link replaces the tags table with an editable textbox formatted as a series of key=value pairs, similar to the format used by iD and Level0. Carefully make your changes, then click Save.

The editor will create a changeset with the property created_by=Osm.Org Tags Editor

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