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OpenStreetPhoto was a project with goals initially related to upload (non-)geotagged photos/images e.g. street-level mapping photos (pre-dating Mapillary and OpenStreetCam). was the project's website. Currently a broken server test page. Before that it carried project news from 2010

The developers seemed to also be very keen on developing quadcopters, hardware and processes for creating your own aerial photos, with some implication that OpenStreetPhoto would offer features for this kind of photography. See OpenStreetPhoto/QuadCopter

The project was founded at a meeting of OpenStreetMap The Netherlands, and is can be discussed on the talk-nl mailinglist.

Old feature info

Photo upload

  • Point your FTP browser to: ftp:// << projectname >> .org /
  • Go to the directory that says you can upload
  • Make a directory with your username
  • Upload preferably your Geo-annotated photos
  • If you want your photo's quickly on the map: ping user skinkie on IRC


  • Will there be a http upload? Yes, even for non-geo photo's.
  • Can I use scp? Yes, contact on IRC for more details.
  • What is the license? If you want your super duper license, add a license.txt We hope that PD-like is allowed; your name will be mentioned anyway in the KML file.


Current research is ongoing to test methods for traffic sign extraction using SIFT.


We are currently thinking in these terms:,52.079,4.39,52.08

 <photo lon=".." lat=".." username=".." href="..">
   <tag k=".." v=".." username="(user|robot)" />

Currently we use KML.


OSM Potlatch editor has support for OpenStreetPhoto. It is enabled by default (using URL in Options/Photo KML, and by clicking the Load photos camera icon, photos will show in Potlatch.


We are trying to get up to speed by first setting up a WMS server to show people our idea, and prove it is useful. Since WMS layers can already be opened in the 'major' editors.


Using OpenLayers Dynamic KML we created a map.

Aerial Photography

OpenStreetPhoto/QuadCopter QuadCopters / MikroKopter

another method would be this: (balloons): [1]

See also

Wikimedia Commons photos

There are many (aerial and street) photos in WikiMedia Commons. Many of them are suitable for CC-BY-SA because many of them are public domain, others are CC-BY or CC-BY-SA. GNU FDL is not suitable unless uploaded before November 2008. For example searching in the Netherlands for 'luchtfoto' returns ~140 images: And Aerial returns ~9500 photos.

Many of the photos are geocoded inclusive heading parameter by Commons:Geocoding, which can involve some dubious derivation from copyrighted maps such as google. Here at OpenStreetMap we encourage contributers to follow tougher standards when it comes to obtaining geocoordinates. In this case there is a level of indirection (photos uploaded there), but it still presents us with a dangerous "slippery slope". What if we systematically take tonnes of photographs, upload them to wikimedia, pinpoint them on google's street maps, and then reconstruct a copyrighted map that way? This starts to look more like breach of google's copyright. There are many similar dilemmas related to re-use of supposedly "open licensed" resources on wikimedia and elsewhere.