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Ghost Tracks in the UK

List of Ghost tracks in the United Kingdom currently documented in Open Historical Map.


Located in Weybridge, Surry.


Brooklands opened in 1906, and was the first purpose built auto racing track as well as the first high banked super speedway (previous closed circuits were adaptations of existing horse racing tracks.) The 5.23km (3.25 mile) track is also the longest oval track ever constructed.

A road course was added for 1937, opening on May 1st. The track shut down for WWII and was not reopened after the war due to the cost of bringing it back into service.


Dates of operation are from Speedway: Auto racing's ghost tracks[1]. The track is partially visible in OSM Bing imagery and was traced from it. One section of the road course is currently omitted due to lack of good geospatial references.


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