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Connecticut Ghost Tracks

List of Ghost tracks in Connecticut currently documented in Open Historical Map.

Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

Located northeast of Thompson, Connecticut. Also known as Thompson International Speedway.

[Thompson Speedway Historic Circuits]

Thompson has been in operation since 1940 and the original oval is still in service. An 1/4 mile oval inside the larger oval no longer exists and there are no traces of it. Thompson was the site of the first road race on a permanent circuit in the United States, in 1951, and in addition to the current road racing circuit has operated 4 previous circuits, which have left some traces. All four older road courses are represented in OHM, along with the 1/4 mile oval. The current oval is included to allow the various circuits to be completely represented.


Thompson was traced from current OSM Bing (March 2015), while making reference to available historic maps of the circuit and also examining USGS imagery on MSRMaps from 1996. An outline of the various track layouts may be found in Ghost Tracks[1]. According to America's Speedways[2], a drag strip operated briefly in the 1950s but as of yet I have no documentation discussing where it was on the property.


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