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List of Ghost tracks in Florida currently documented in Open Historical Map.

Beaches Speedway

Located in Panama City, Florida

[Beaches Speedway]

Beaches Speedway operated from 1973 to 1979. A housing development now exists on the site.


From America's Speedways[1]. Traced from USGS Topo. Additional information from Facebook Retired Race Vehicles group.

Hialeah Speedway

Located in Hialeah, Florida.

[Hialeah Speedway]

Hialeah Speedway operated from 1954 until it was sold for development in 2005. There were a variety of configurations, most notably the 1/3 mile paved oval and a figure 8 track that crossed the infield.


From America's Speedways[1]. Traced from MSR Maps/USGS Topo & MSRMaps imagery ca. 1995.

JAX Raceways

Located north and east of Jacksonville International Airport.

[JAX Raceways]

The facility operated dirt and paved ovals and a 1/8 mile paved dragstrip. The facility opened in June 1968 and closed after the 2004 season.


Dates from From America's Speedways[1]. Traced from MSRMaps/USGS Topo. The facility is still somewhat visible in OSM Bing imagery, which was used to improve the trace.

Plant Field

Located on the old State Fairgrounds in Tampa Florida (the site is now athletic fields for the University of Tampa).

[Plant Field]

The track operated from 1921 until 1980, when the Fairgrounds were relocated to a new site east of Tampa.


From America's Speedways[1], Lost Race Tracks[2] Traced from MSR Maps/USGS Topo.


Located at the Sebring Regional Airport, Southeast of Sebring Florida.

[Sebring First course]

A number of courses have been used at Sebring since the first race in 1950. OHM currently contains the original 5.2 mile long courset which was used from 1952 through 1983.


Maps of the original long course are readily available and can be matched up with current OSM Bing imagery, which was used for tracing. Dates are from Mike 'Doc' Cobine.


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