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New Mexico Ghost Tracks

List of Ghost tracks in New Mexico currently documented in Open Historical Map.

Bottomless Lakes

Located 15 miles southeast of Roswell, New Mexico, in Bottomless Lakes State Park.

[Bottom Lakes Historic Circuit]

Bottomless Lakes was a temporary circuit on public roads within the State Park. It operated from 1964 until about 1967.


Dates from America's Speedways[1], course from Guy Watney. The course used public roads which are still extant, traced from OSM Bing.

Duke City Raceway

Located near Albuquerque, New Mexico.

[Duke City Raceway]

The track operated in several forms from 1968 through 2004. The map in OHM is of the 3/8 mile dirt oval.


Dates from America's Speedways[1]. The original track wall is still partially visible in OSM Bing. The track is visible in USGS Urban Areas imagery on MSRMaps.

Hollywood Hills Speedway

Located near San Felipe Pueblo, New Mexico

[Hollywood Hills Speedway]

This track operated from 2002 to 2009.


Start date from America's Speedways[1]. Closing date from online news items. Location from track website back when track was operational. Traced from OSM Bing.

Lobo Speedway

Located south of Artesia, New Mexico.

[Lobo Speedway]

The track opened in 1999 and shut down sometime shortly after 2006.


Start date from America's Speedways[1]. Closing date guessed from National Speedway Directory[2] and will be improved. Traced from OSM Bing.


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