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Rhode Island Ghost Tracks

List of Ghost tracks in Rhode Island currently documented in Open Historical Map.

Naragansett Park

Located in Cranston, Rhode Island

[Naragansett Park]

Originally a horse track, Narragansett Park was the site of the first auto races ever held on a closed course on September 7th, 1896. Auto racing would continue on the 1 mile dirt oval until October 13th, 1913. A one mile, high banked paved oval would open on the same site on September 18th, 1915 and operate until August 4th, 1923. OHM contains a representation of the horse track; I do not currently have a good reference on the location of the paved oval, although several sources suggest that Fiat Avenue in Cranston corresponds to the old back stretch.


Dates from America's Speedways[1]. Map of site from 1900 reproduced in Lost Race Tracks[2]. Additional material from Dirt Track Auto Racing[3].


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