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As a side effect of mapping historic routes of the Vanderbilt Cup races in the Ghost Tracks Project, a number of historic roads on Long Island in the early 1900s were mapped, including the original route of the Long Island Motor Parkway.

on OHM:

Vanderbilt Cup courses on the Ghost Tracks on OHM project:


The Vanderbilt Cup races started in 1904 in Western Long Island, using public roads that were closed for the events. Because of safety concerns, William Vanderbilt gathered a group of investors and started construction of the Long Island Motor Parkway (LIMP), which would allow portions of the race to be moved onto the private toll road, and provide a revenue source during the rest of the year. The first section of the LIMP opened in 1908 and was used for that year's race. After the 1910 race, the Vanderbilt Cup races moved south to Savannah Georgia. There was an attempt to revive them on Long Island in 1936, with the construction of Roosevelt Raceway on one corner of Roosevelt Field, but after the 1937 race the facility was converted to harness racing.