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Project Description

This project involves mapping the development of Metro Manila throughout the centuries. This includes the walled city of Manila and Manila province during the Spanish colonial period, the Greater Manila complex during the American and Japanese occupation, and the current Metropolitan Manila.

Available Maps

Descripcion Geometrica de la Ciudad, y Circunvalacion de Manila, y de sus Arrabales al Real Consejo de las Indias (1671)

The Attack of Manilla (1762)

Plano de Manila (1851)

Plano de Manila y sus Arrabales (1898)

Map of Manila and Vicinity (1899)

Map of the City of Manila and Vicinity (1907)

Map of City of Manila and Vicinity (1919)

City of Manila, Philippine Islands (1920)

City of Manila, Y.M.C.A. (1934)

Manila South, U.S. Army Map Services (1944)

City of Manila, American Red Cross Service Bureau (1945)

Manila and Quezon City, U.S. Army Map Services (1964)

Map of Municipality of Makati, Province of Rizal (1968)