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Historic Aerial Imagery

Spatial Services

The New South Wales Government through Department of Customer Service Spatial Services (DCS SS) publish extensive historical aerial imagery via on their HAPE viewer.

Spatial Services published material is licensed CC BY 4.0 which is free to use so long as attribution is given. Since this historic aerial imagery is used to derive data for OpenHistoricalMap, we provide attribution:

© State of New South Wales (Spatial Services, a business unit of the Department of Customer Service NSW). For current information go to

SS DCS Sydney 1943{zoom}/{y}/{x}
SS DCS Sydney 1947{zoom}/{y}/{x}
SS DCS Sydney 1955{zoom}/{y}/{x}
SS DCS Sydney 1965{zoom}/{y}/{x}
SS DCS Sydney 1966{zoom}/{y}/{x}
SS DCS Sydney 1969{zoom}/{y}/{x}
SS DCS Sydney 1970{zoom}/{y}/{x}
SS DCS Sydney 1971{zoom}/{y}/{x}
SS DCS Sydney 1972{zoom}/{y}/{x}
SS DCS Sydney 1975{zoom}/{y}/{x}
SS DCS Sydney 1978{zoom}/{y}/{x}
SS DCS Sydney 1980{zoom}/{y}/{x}
SS DCS Sydney 1984{zoom}/{y}/{x}
SS DCS Sydney 1986{zoom}/{y}/{x}
SS DCS Sydney 1989{zoom}/{y}/{x}
SS DCS Sydney 1990{zoom}/{y}/{x}
SS DCS Sydney 1991{zoom}/{y}/{x}
SS DCS Sydney 1994{zoom}/{y}/{x}
SS DCS Sydney 1996{zoom}/{y}/{x}
SS DCS Sydney 1998{zoom}/{y}/{x}
SS DCS Sydney 2004{zoom}/{y}/{x}
SS DCS Sydney 2005{zoom}/{y}/{x}
SS DCS Sydney 2006{zoom}/{y}/{x}

Geoscience Australia

Pre 1943 imagery is also available for Sydney at but has not yet been orthorectified.

It appears the custodian of the 1930 imagery is with Geoscience Australia which per releases all of it's material under CC BY 4.0.

Attribution for use of this imagery and derived data is given as

© Commonwealth of Australia (Geoscience Australia) 2021

Tagging date ranges from imagery

When historical mapping from imagery features might either:

  1. Pre-exist the earliest imagery. In this case we don't know the start_date, but know that it at least existed by the year of the imagery. Fer example if an object is visible in the earlist imagery source from 1943 then tag this as start_date:edtf=..1943.
  2. Not appear in an earlier imagery but appear in a latter one. In this case we know know a range of the possible start_date. For example if an object is not visible in 1943 but then appears in 1955 then tag this as start_date:edtf=1943/1955.

Similarly for the end_date.

Because OHM does not yet support start_date:edtf=* and end_date:edtf=* you should still also add regular start_date=* and end_date=* when you would have used a range (/) based on the closest known date the feature started or ended.