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Project to cover the Canton of Thurgau in Switzerland better in OHM

pre-historic time

Roman time

  • multiple Roman settlements that should be mapped: Pfyn, Arbon, Eschenz, (Konstanz), as well as Roman villas and roads


medieval time

  • some castles, fortified cities (Arbon)

modern time


The overview of the Sulzberger map has been used to add a road network as-of 1838 to OHM. Other maps are not available in the required detail.

railroads were built in the 1850s and 1860s, so mapping those is interesting.



Arbon has been mapped with the 1768 map in general outlines and the "Situationsplan" (1884) on a building-level, further buildings since have been added as well.


Frauenfeld has been mapped using the detailed sheet of the Sulzberger map 1838 (buildings still missing).


General resources