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Richard Helbock spent many years developing a detailed database of information about historical US Post Offices. Shortly after Helbock's death, Cameron Blevins became aware of Helbock's work and gained support from Helbock's wife to continue the project. Blevins developed a process to conflate Helbock's data with USGS GNIS data.

This data is now available online in the form of 2 CSV files, one where fairly accurate location data has been produced, and one where approximate location data was arrived at. More on this subject may be found at Blevins' website: [[1]].

It is likely that we can work out the necessary permissions to make this data available in OHM. This page is currently set up to discuss the potential import process.

Import Steps

  • secure permission
  • identify tagging standards to be used
  • decide on approach to approximated Post Office locations


Richard Welty (User:Nfgusedautoparts)