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Sites and Events of the Colonizing Trails West


This project will involve mapping important sites and events relating to the the wagon roads west. This page provides a place to outline what is proposed for the project. The reason for this page as a whole is that there is not one route or road that was any one of these and all may be listed as immigrant trails on maps. They all may follow the same direction over southern pass to cross the Rockies but they wander all over the map. The trails did move as many settlers brought livestock with them and needed to graze them in good fields of grass.

Mapping Projects



As this project advances, we hope to experiment with new tagging to show party movement. We will be following the Civil war tagging scheme for movements.


  • constructed by whom
  • controlled by whom (date range)
  • facing
  • fixed
    • type (e.g., "star" fort)
    • construction (wood, earth, stone, brick, ...)
    • ditch (present or absent)
  • temporary
    • when constructed

Terrain and Vegetation features

Do as much of this within the framework of existing OSM landuse/landcover/crop tagging schemes.