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Update as of 2022: Project was discontinued and some links in the page are no longer working (as it is tied to an email address that is no longer working).

MAPAbabae II: Mapping Violence Against Women and the Children (VAWC) Desks and Centers is an initiative of the Information Communication and Technology Management Service (ICTMS) of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). It aims to create a VAWC Desks and Centers Information Map which contains locations of VAWC Desks and Centers as well as DSWD Centers, DSWD Registered, Licensed and Accredited Social Welfare and Development Agencies (SWADAs) and other facilities (e.g. nearest hospital, police stations, breastfeeding rooms, diaper changing stations and daycare centers) with their contact information.

The Map, called as the VAWC Resources Map, was launched in 4 December 2018 during the 2018 18 Day Campaign to End VAW, and contains the 242 facilities mapped through MAPAbabae II mapathons.

The project is still ongoing as there are still lots of facilities to be mapped. We are also open for suggestions and comments (eg how we can improve the map).

We thank all volunteers who have helped and are helping us map for a #VAWfreePH!


MAPAbabae is a fusion of mapa (map) and babae (woman).


In March 2018, the DSWD ICTMS celebrated the Women's Month through MAPAbabae: OpenStreetMap Workshop and Mapathon with Women and For Women. The workshop aimed to identify and map women and child-friendly spaces/facilities/resources in the country to help improve delivery of DSWD services, through a collaborative and gender-inclusive approach. One of the identified facilities are VAWC Desks and Centers.

MAPAbabae II

In October to November 2018, DSWD ICTMS held a series of mapathons for MAPAbabae II.

  • First Mapathon: On October 25, 2018, we have officially launched the mapathon at the DSWD Central Office Katapatan Boardroom. It was attended by IACVAWC representatives (PNP, DOH and CHR) and DSWD OBSUs (ICTMS, DSWD IACVAWC, CPSB, PSB, Kalahi, DRMB, STB). We have mapped 74/82 DOH-Women and Children Protection Units. View our results here.
  • Extended mapathon through MapaTime!: October 27, 2018 at Co.lab Pasig City. With the assistance from PRC-VCAD (venue), MapAmore Initiative and Geoladies (facilitation), and DSWD GIS Team (refreshments), MapaTime! hosted an extended mapathon for MAPAbabae II. We have mapped a total of 122 facilities. Other references: Lightning talks and.
  • Mini-mapathon during GIS Training in FO CAR: Nov 7-9 at Chalet Hotel, Baguio City: With DSWD FO CAR and Provincial Offices, the GIS Team held a mini-mapathon for MAPAbabaeII. We have mapped a total of 56 facilities in CAR.


The project is still ongoing until all facilities have been mapped.


DSWD ICTMS GIS Team is the project initiator. They are open to collaborate with other National Agencies, Non-government Organizations, and individuals for possible mapathons.

Data Sources

Sources of data are from the Inter-Agency Council for VAWC. Mainly:

How to Contribute

Three (3) important links to contribute to MAPAbabae II:

  1. Instructions
  2. List of facilities to map
  3. MapContrib page


You may call through telephone: +632 951-7122 or +632 931-8101 loc. 127 from Monday to Friday.

Name: Nalie Andi Mike
Cel: +63 936 9274872 +63 998 554 2672
OSM Account: arnalielsewhere anditabinas
Telegram: arnalielsewhere andimariewoah
Twitter arnalielsewhere andimariewoah

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