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As part of on-going work to improve the quality of OpenStreetMap data, our team also fix mapping mistakes or improve it quality due to our user’s feedback in the UK.

There's a link to our Github ticket

Contact Person

We welcome feedback, suggestions, and insights from local mappers. If you have questions about this work, or a specific edit by our team, please reach out to Sergey ( or post a comment in a changeset.

A unique hashtag

We will use the hashtag #mbx_uk_editing

Goal of the activity

The main goal is to improve the quality of OSM data and our driver’s experience.


This is an ongoing project.

Any non-standard tools and data sources used, and their usage conditions

We used some internal tools for processing driver’s feedback. And for OSM edits we use only OSM iD and ground truth sources (Bing, Esri, Maxar satellite imagery and street level sources such as Mapilary ) + our user’s feedback.