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MapPH Mindanao Mapping Party is a series of mapping parties and mapathons initiated by Map The Philippines (MapPH) with various organizations such as YouthMappers and UP NOAH. The mapathon aims to map agricultural infrastructure such as roads, buildings and farmland of priority areas in Mindanao to address the issue on food security, and to support farmers and families, rural farming and artisan communities. Food security is defined as access to food that is:

  • Safe
  • Affordable
  • Nutritious
  • Nearby

We are also mapping the impact of transportation on gender and analyzing the life cycle of import and export container trucks to the ports of the priority areas. The study results will shape investments from World Bank, government and private sector. The goal of the workshops is to empower communities with free and opensource geospatial tools for more effective collaboration, prioritization and monitoring of programs.

The first mapping party was held during OSM GeoWeek in November 2018, with UP NOAH and University of the Philippines Resilience Institute (UPRI) Youthmappers.

Background / Goals

In the Philippines, many areas lack the infrastructure to support local agriculture, leaving communities to rely on convenience stores, where processed foods like instant noodles become staples of their diet. Food security intersects each of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, so addressing how we feed our families lies at the core of our well being. Access to good, clean and fair food is the catalyst to achieving peace and prosperity for our most vulnerable communities.

Activities (Mapping Parties / Mapathons)

Backgrounder / Introductory Mapping Parties

OSM Geoweek Mapping Party

Happened on November 2018 at the National Institutes for Geological Sciences (NIGS), MapPH, UPRI YouthMappers and UP NOAH worked together to raise awareness on the issue of food security in the Philippines. They started mapping priority areas where food security is influenced by poverty and access to infrastructure and vulnerable to natural disasters and climate change. Hoping to complete these maps by early next year to prepare for the next typhoon season, the map data will be shared with our cross sector data partners to help make more informed decisions about vulnerable communities.

The event was participated by various Local Government Units (LGUs) such as Sorsogon, Cavite and Pasig. [1]

MapPH Mindanao Mapping Party, Feb. 16

On Valentine's weekend, MapPH and Youthmappers Philippines chapters held a free mapping party on Saturday, February 16 from 9 to 5pm at FEU Technology Junior Philippine Computer Society (Tech JPCS) and UPRI to help map Mindanao to support rural farming and artisan communities. The program objectives were as follows:

  • Learn how to map with OpenStreetMap, the Wikipedia model of maps
  • Meet mappers from the public and private sector
  • Join the international humanitarian mapping community

First Phase

Sites for the first phase includes General Santos (Gen San), Davao and Cagayan De Oro (CDO). There will be two 2day workshops per site; one 2-day workshop for the government: LGUs plus DA, DOT, DTI, NCIP, DPWH, DSWD, PRDP, DAR, and another for NGOs. Each workshop will have 20-30 participants.

Workshop Dates:

1. General Santos

May 21-22 Tuesday to Wednesday: Government Workshop

May 23-24 Thursday to Friday: NGO Workshop

Venue: The Farm at Carpenter Hill Koronadal

2. Davao

May 27-28 Monday Tuesday: Government Workshop

May 29-30 Wednesday Thursday: NGO Workshop

Venue: Malagos Garden Resort Davao City

3. CDO

June 3-4 Monday Tuesday: Government Workshop

June 5-6 Wednesday Thursday: NGO Workshop

Venue: Bukidnon Roadhouse Grand Hall


First phase: March to June 2019.


The primary host is Map The Philippines, together with:

  • FEU Tech JPCS Youthamppers
  • UPRI Youthmappers

and many more.

How to Contribute

Please map through the HOT Task Manager Project # 5459.

Hashtags / Changeset Comments to use

  • #hotosm-project-5459
  • #MapPHMindanao
  • #newbie (for new mappers)

Validation and Clean up

We have a support group to help ensure new mappers have a positive experience and aren’t intimidated by other mapper’s comments. They will tag their edits as #newbie. Local Youthmappers chapters, George Washington University Humanitarianian Mapping Society, and HOT will support the validation of their edits and provide community and technical support.



Celina Agaton, Map the Philippines.