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In order to improve data about dealerships of Toyota and Lexus, our team gathered data from the dealers. Some of the data were provided by Toyota itself. The information can be viewed in the “Non-standard tools and data sources” section.

The dealership's improving process is divided into 2 stages. Firstly, every dealership in the dataset is checked by our Data QA team and if the data about the dealership is correct and there is a mismatch between OSM and our data, the Data QA team member sends a suggestion to add/edit the POI on OSM through Mapbox Contribute.

Secondly, the Mapbox team that is responsible for OSM corrections makes the changes that are suggested by the above-mentioned team.

Unique hashtags to be used in the upcoming changeset comments


The goal of the activity

Improve data about dealerships (Toyota, Lexus) in Europe on Mapbox maps.

The timeframe for the activity

Until the end of January 2022.

Ground-truth sources that are used on the project

By necessity, for OSM edits we use the following ground truth sources: Bing, Esri, Maxar satellite imagery, and street-level sources such as Mapilary, Bing Streetside, OpenStreetCam).


Non-standard tools and data sources

Mapbox Contribute is the tool that collects suggestions to improve data on Mapbox maps (currently it supports POIs, addresses, roads, and speed limits). All feedback is sent to TO-FIX which displays all feedback from users of Mapbox Contribute in an appropriate way and allows our team to process it and make edits on OpenStreetMap if necessary. In conclusion, in case of a need to improve the Mapbox map, a user can only reach out to our team via Mapbox Contribute.


In addition, our team uses the dataset below which contains information about dealerships of Toyota and Lexus.


Results that will be shared with communities

The results will be displayed as the overall amount of changesets made by our team.

The coordinating person or organization

We welcome feedback from local mappers. If you want to suggest an edit or ask a question about our work you can contact Roman at [[1]] or post a comment in a changeset.