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Red x.svg To do: Describe the purpose of this activity.


Red x.svg To do: Include a list of the people leading the activity or an email.

System-users-3.svgExample (on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap, chngset com.)

Community consultation

Red x.svg To do: All activities must be socialized with the community. In this section, indicate how the activity was socialized.


Red x.svg To do: List the hashtag(s) to be used primarily for commits.


Red x.svg To do: Describe when the activity will begin and when it is expected to end.

Tools and data sources

Red x.svg To do: List the tools to be used for mapping


Red x.svg To do: List the participants of the activity.

Measuring our success

Red x.svg To do: Show how the progress of the activity is being measured.


Red x.svg To do: Describes how to ensure that all participants follow the same mapping strategy.

Post-event clean-up

Red x.svg To do: Describes the types of data validation that are performed.


Red x.svg To do: Describes how the monthly progress and final mapping results will be shared with the community.