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South Side Secondary School Mapping Project

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The curriculum for the 7th grade at South Side Secondary School reserves one week for a hands-on IT project. My name is Ben Westheimer and I'm a teacher at the school. I will use this week to introduce my class to mapping in OSM, and encourage them to contribute.


You can reach me at and I'm ben_westheimer on OSM.


I'll ask my pupils to use the "#southside19" hashtag.

Community Consultation

We contacted the community using the following communication channels:


The mapping week will be in February 2019, but I will encourage pupils to continue contributing after.

Tools and Data Sources

We will be mapping using Vespucci on pupils' own devices or school-issued Android tablets where pupils don't have their own. I've developed a small introduction presentation which I have uploaded here: westheimer_vespucci.pdf I'm planning to mainly do POI mapping in small groups in the vicinity of the school grounds.


Since we're dealing with minors here, I have created accounts for everyone and ensured that the account profiles point back to this page. All accounts are called "southside19-01", "southside19-02" and so on. My pupils control the accounts but any emails will go to me, and I will also participate in any discussions on their behalf.

Post-Event Clean Up

I will personally go through all edits after the event is over. I'm more than happy to accept help from local community members though!


We plan to write a small article for our school newspaper and I'll try to post or link that here when done. Feel free to ping me if I should forget!