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Project - Conflation of Transport For London’s Cycling Infrastructure Database

Transport for London (TfL) have created a new database of cycling infrastructure, containing 240,000 assets, covering all of Greater London. This has been released as open data on 1st August 2019.

This groundbreaking database contains every cycle infrastructure asset within Greater London, including assets on and off-carriageway. The assets surveyed are: cycle parking; signals; signage; traffic calming measures; restricted points (e.g. steps); advanced stop lines; crossings; cycle lanes/tracks; and restricted routes (e.g. pedestrian only routes).

See OSM wiki page about the data and conversion.

Project work to convert the data to a form suitable for OSM was commissioned by Transport for London (TfL) and is being managed by the London Cycling Campaign (LCC). LCC subcontracted CycleStreets (@CycleStreets) and Richard Fairhurst (@Richard) to develop scripts for data conversion, provide training in editing of OSM to a detailed level and to assist with designing the conflation process.

The organiser can be contacted at .


The objectives of the project are to:

  • Demonstrate that the CID contains wayfinding data assets that will enhance OSM’s mapping of London;
  • To develop and refine scripts to allow “new” objects to be merged into the OSM dataset with a high level of confidence;
  • To create datasets of objects with lower confidence level for manual conflation;
  • To document and demonstrate the manual conflation process.

The conversion scripts created by @Richard can be seen at:, and comments and pull requests are very welcome.

Project duration

2020-06 - 2020-07: London Cycling Campaign / CycleStreets / Transport for London

2022-02 - ongoing: SWECO / GHD / Transport for London

2023-01 - project incomplete, but silently abandoned


Changeset comments will be labelled as:

  • The hashtag #tflcid (representing 'TfL CID conflation project')
  • Source: TfL CID


On successful completion of the project, it is hoped that TfL may fund internal resources to continue the conflation work. If this does not happen, it will remain open to the OSM community to undertake the task on a voluntary basis.

Community consultation undertaken