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TomTom is the leading location technology specialist, shaping mobility with highly accurate maps, navigation software, real-time traffic information and services. We are committed to creating precision technology that brings us closer to our vision of a safer, cleaner, congestion-free world.

Main activities

Here are the main areas we focus on as a result of various quality tool outputs:


  • disconnected roads
  • access bugs
  • restriction bugs


  • correcting tags
  • adding missing tags

In all cases we try to follow the OSM editing rules. When not sure, we insert a note instead of editing the data directly. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Editing projects


A small and experienced map editing team is fixing global data modeling issues found via various quality tools such as OSMCha, MapRoulette tasks, Atlas checks, analysis, etc.

Africa Missing Roads Project:

Africa QA Project:

Tools and Data Sources

JOSM editor. Standard tools and sources within the editor and public information.

Editing Team

username role
Courtiney coordinator
Tabzi team lead
Melomania_V editor
Stanza_AT editor
Sralla_geo editor
Shutter_bug editor
Green_Panther editor
Ho_Rider editor
Rosh_ty editor
Giza_Up editor
Can_Yon editor
Map_Viz editor
Nad_Alley editor
Gatsby_S editor
Sat-spike editor
C_nav editor
Ton_SB editor
Da_Capo editor
Sebasawk editor
dazzlep editor
trailblazernuri editor
Greenboina editor
Neophile editor
Geo_Cop editor
HodophileA editor
GallivanterST editor
RaGAlla editor
KS_movie_fan editor
geographK editor
Steve advisor


Our hashtags: #tomtom, #tt


We plan to continue improving the OSM data.


Courtney Williamson - mapping coordinator.


Personal account: Courtiney