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Updating data of assets of OMV Group


WIGeoGIS, as a third party contractor, supports OMV (Austrian Mineral Oil Administration) in the operational implementation of the distribution and updating of europe-wide asset information in regular cycles in OSM. Our goal is to manually update assets (namely fuel stations), including their (available) attributes of the OMV, AVANTI, Petrom, FE Trading and EuroTruck brands for the map provider OpenStreetMap. We take great care to be in accordance with the general mapping rules of OSM.


Party responsible is WIGeoGIS. Contact and


The hashtag for this project is #WIGeoGIS-OMV. This hashtag will be included in every changeset comment.


We update the assets on a quarterly basis.

Tools and Data Sources

We use data provided by OMV Refining & Marketing GmbH, Vienna, AT. Tools used are the online OSM editor, MS Excel, ArcGIS and well-established aerial imagery and maps (for interpretation and visualization only - not as a source of information).


Our team uses the following OSM user: User icon 2.svgmvw93 (on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap, chngset com.)