Osmarender/Development/SVN Reorganization 2008

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Ref [[1]] openstreetmap-related code is moved from /applications/rendering in svn to subdirectories of /applications/rendering/osmarender.

Here follows a complete list of everything that's changed:

  • osmarender, osmarender4 and osmarender5 (obsolete versions of osmarender) deleted.
  • mv orp osmarender/orp
  • mv osmarender-frontend osmarender/osmarender-frontend
  • mv osmAtHome osmarender/osmAtHome/ (though this is probably obsolete, can somebody comment on the status of it?)
  • mv static-osmarender osmarender/static-osmarender
  • mv osmarender6/*.xml osmarender/stylesheets
  • mv osmarender6/poi-testfile.osm osmarender/stylesheets
  • mv osmarender6/rules/*.xml osmarender/stylesheets
  • mv osmarender6/symbols osmarender/stylesheets/symbols
  • mv osmarender6/{osmarender,osmarender.xsl,xsltrans} osmarender/xslt
  • osmarender/orp/orp.pl edited paths that pointed to osmarender dir to point to stylesheets dir
  • stylesheets/*.xml changed symbolsDir to ../stylesheets/symbols, seems this is relative to osmarender.xsl
  • tilesAtHome_unstable/lib/SVG/Rasterize/Engine.pm Removed reference to unused modules IPC::Open3 and IO::Select

TODO: tahNG/development/ externals

You should fix that. Now JOSM osmarender client and also tilesAtHome will pull really lots of stuff they don't need at all.