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This site is a translation from the german. In most cases there are no translations for the site linked with (i.e. they are in german). In case of doubt, for more details or just to be up-do-date see the original (As Ostalbkreis is a GERMAN district the german version is the original version DE:Ostalbkreis)

Ostalbkreis, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland

latitude: 48.83, longitude: 10.06
Browse map of Ostalbkreis 48°49′48.00″ N, 10°03′36.00″ E
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Ostalbkreis is a landkreis in Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland at latitude 48°49′48.00″ North, longitude 10°03′36.00″ East.

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General information - Abstract

The Ostalbkreis is a district (Kreis) in the east of Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, on the border to Bavaria.

Together with the Landkreis Heidenheim it builds up the Ostwürttemberg Region Ostwürttemberg] in the Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart. Neighboring districts are the district of Schwäbisch Hall in the north, the bavarian districts Ansbach und Donau-Ries in the east, the districts Heidenheim and Göppingen in the south, and the Rems-Murr-Kreis in the west.

More details can be found on the english Wikipedia article or german Wikipedia article.

The capital of the Ostalbkreis is Aalen.

Main roads besides the A 7 are the B 29 and the B 19. The district town Aalen is railway junction. Here the Remsbahn from Stuttgart, the Brenzbahn from Ulm, the Jagstbahn to Crailsheim and the Riesbahn to Donauwörth are crossing. The intercity line Karlsruhe - Stuttgart - Nürnberg crosses the Ostalbkreis with stops in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Aalen and Ellwangen.

The Ostalbkreis has major part at the eastern Swabian Alb (hence its name which translates to Eastern Alb District) as well as the eastern Welzheimer Wald (forest of Welzheim), belonging to the Schwäbisch-Fränkischen Wald = swabian-frankish forest, as well as the Ellwanger Mountains in the north of the district. Main rivers in the district are the Rems and the two rivers Jagst and Kocher all affluents of the Neckar.

Towns and Communities

See also the list List of locations in the Ostalbkreis in Wikipedia


Aalen, Bopfingen, Ellwangen (Jagst), Heubach, Lauchheim, Lorch, Neresheim, Oberkochen, Schwäbisch Gmünd

For status of OSM-map see german site


The list of communities in the Ostalbkreis covers about 920 places (towns, villages, hamlets, granges, domicils) of the Ostalbkreis in geographical sense. Here are listed only the largest 10 % - the complete list will be shown on its own subpage DE:Ostalbkreis-Gemeindeliste.

Abtsgmünd, Adelmannsfelden, Bartholomä, Böbingen an der Rems, Durlangen, Ellenberg, Eschach, Essingen, Göggingen, Gschwend, Heuchlingen, Hüttlingen, Iggingen, Jagstzell, Kirchheim am Ries, Leinzell, Mögglingen, Mutlangen, Neuler, Obergröningen, Rainau, Riesbürg, Rosenberg, Ruppertshofen, Schechingen, Spraitbach, Stödtlen, Täferrot, Tannhausen, Unterschneidheim, Waldstetten, Westhausen, Wört

For status of OSM-map see german site

User, Meetings, Mailinglist

Here is an automatically generated list of the users User im Ostalbkreis. Everybody including "Category:Users_in_Ostalbkreis" on his Wiki-page, appears on this list.

The users of the region also meet on the Stuttgart-Mailingliste.

Mapping of the Ostalbkreis

Mappers: see Users in Ostalbkreis, Users in Alfdorf.


The most important traffic routes in Ostalbkreis (borders of district relation 62708 are the A 7, die B 29 and the B 19. The A 6 is located north of the district, the A 8 southern, the A 81 western.

State Roads

Two main state roads cross the Ostalbkreis:

See WikiProject Germany/Bundesstraßen: B 10 – B 19, B 20 – B 29 , B 250 – B 299 und B 450 – B 499.

If all state roads are covered in OSM, they cover about 200 km in length. The state roads should be completet in the district - nevertheless: this should be verified.

Country Roads

See WikiProject Germany/Landesstraßen/Baden-Württemberg 6 Country roads in Baden-Württemberg (L 1000 - L 1199) and WikiProject Germany/Landesstraßen/Baden-Württemberg 7: Country roads in Baden-Württemberg (L 1200 - L 1399)

If all country roads are covered in OSM, they cover about 400 km in length. The country roads are probably completed in the district - nevertheless: this should be verified. For the list of country roads: see german site DE:Ostalbkreis

District Roads

The numbers of district roads 3200–3399 are reserved for the Ostalbkreis (see WikiProject_Germany/Kreisstraßen#Baden-Württemberg). At the moment the highest number used is 3334. If all countryroads are covered in OSM, they cover about 500 km in length. The district roads are probably completed in the district - nevertheless: this should be verified.

For status of control: see german site DE:Ostalbkreis

Connecting Roads

Here are probably some still missing.

Special Streets/Ways

Touristic Roads

German Limes Street - Deutsche Limes-Straße

Cycle Tracks

  • The single relations of the cycle way network in Baden-Württemberg are combined in a super-relation: relation 536151. At the moment there is no relation listed for the Ostalbkreis. (siehe: [1])
  • Valley of the Rems cycle route relation 16223 (Remstal-Radroute)

Long Distance Paths:

External links outside of OSM or WIKI (as interim solution, till relations are defined in OSM - in how far the pages listed underneath can be used to build up relations in OSM: ??? ):




http://www.ellwangen.de/index.php?id=270; http://www.ellwangen.de/index.php?id=288



Hiking Trails





  • Rems (german site), Rems (english site, rather short)
  • Jagst (german site), Jagst (english site, rather short)
  • Kocher (german site), Kocher (english site, rather short)

Different results for searches in OSM (eg.: Rems as brook - Jagst and Kocher however as river, for the Jagst - on the contrary to the other rivers - also the source of the Jagst is specified)

Further brooks/rivers are existing, but the completeness must still be verified.

Lakes: A cosiderable number in OSM, but the completeness must still be verified.


A cosiderable number in OSM, but the completeness must still be verified.


In the Ostalbkreis there are more than 800 protectorates, to which nature reserves belong to as well as special trees as natural monuments.

Nature Reserves The Ostalbkreis owns 42 nature reserves with a total area of 1.898,5 ha.

  1. Auweiher (Rotach): 22,8 ha; local subdistricts Wört and Ellenberg
  2. Bargauer Horn: 25,2 ha; local subdistrict Weiler in den Bergen
  3. Beiberg-Buchberg: 20,8 ha; local subdistrict Bopfingen
  4. Bergrutsch Tannenwald: 10,9 ha; local subdistrict Waldstetten
  5. Birkenweiher with Ober- and Unterholzweiher: 22,5 ha; local subdistrict Wört
  6. Blasienberg: 41,8 ha; local subdistrict Kirchheim am Ries
  7. Breitweiher with Hilsenweiher: 14,3 ha; local subdistrict Stödtlen
  8. Dellenhäule: 24,1 ha; local subdistricts Waldhausen bei Aalen and Elchingen auf dem Härtsfeld
  9. Dossinger Tal: 22,6 ha; local subdistrict Dorfmerkingen
  10. Ellwanger Schlossweiher and surroundings: 63,0 ha; local subdistrict Ellwangen
  11. Goldberg: 32,45 ha; local subdistricts Trochtelfingen, Pflaumloch, Goldburghausen and Kirchheim am Ries
  12. Goldshöfer Sande: 46,5 ha; local subdistrict Hofen
  13. Gromberger Heide: 18 ha; local subdistrict Lauchheim
  14. Ipf: 71 ha; local subdistricts Bopfingen and Oberdorf
  15. Kaltes Feld with Hornberg, Galgenberg und Eierberg: 634,4 ha; local subdistricts Degenfeld, Waldstetten, Wißgoldingen, Nenningen and Weißenstein
  16. Kapf nearby Trochtelfingen: 61,1 ha; local subdistrict Trochtelfingen
  17. Leintal between Leinecksee and Leinhäusle: 202,5 ha; local subdistricts Spraitbach, Durlangen and Alfdorf
  18. Lindenfeld: 75,0 ha; local subdistrict Bettringen
  19. Dredging lakes of Lorch: 18,5 ha; local subdistricts Lorch and Waldhausen
  20. Muckental: 33,3 ha; local subdistrict Ellenberg
  21. Orbachtal with Streuwiesen: 5,9 ha; local subdistrict Rosenberg
  22. Rauhe Wiese: 4 ha; local subdistrict Bartholomä
  23. Riegelberg: 21,3 ha; local subdistrict Utzmemmingen
  24. Rosenstein: 22,0 ha; local subdistricts Lautern and Heubach
  25. Valley of Rot and Seebach: 15,6 ha; local subdistrict Gschwend
  26. Schechinger Weiher: 12,7 ha; local subdistrict Schechingen
  27. Scheuelberg: 119 ha; local subdistricts Bargau and Heubach
  28. Schloßberg with Ruine Flochberg: 9,4 ha; local subdistrict Bopfingen
  29. Canyon of the Großer Wimbach: 3,1 ha; local subdistricts Frickenhofen and Laufen am Kocher
  30. Stausee Stockmühle: 44,1 ha; local subdistrict Lippach
  31. stone pit terraces in the Egau-valley: 10,7 ha; local subdistricts Neresheim and Dischingen
  32. Streuwiese nearby Rötenbach: 5,6 ha; local subdistrict Bartholomä
  33. Valley of the Blind Rot: 60,7 ha; local subdistricts Neuler, Abtsgmünd and Pommertsweiler
  34. Tierstein with Hangwald and Eger-soure: 2,9 ha; local subdistrict Aufhausen
  35. Tonnenberg, Käsbühl, Karkstein: 173,4 ha; local subdistricts Aufhausen, Oberdorf_am_Ipf and Röttingen
  36. Volkmarsberg: 68,1 ha; local subdistrict Oberkochen
  37. Vorbecken Buch: 11,2 ha; local subdistricts Schwabsberg, Dalkingen and Westhausen
  38. Weiherkette nearby Spitalhof: 23,2 ha; local subdistrict Wört
  39. Weiherwiesen: 27,8 ha; local subdistrict Essingen
  40. Wental with Seitentälern and Feldinsel Klösterle: 288,9 ha; local subdistrict Essingen and Steinheim
  41. Wiesentäler nearby Menzlesmühle: 62,8 ha; local subdistricts Altersberg, Vordersteinenberg and Kaisersbach
  42. Zwing: 102,0 ha; local subdistricts Neresheim, Auernheim and Dischingen


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State 2.svg The map is largely complete (please describe missing data) Use with restrictions Please complete (missing data, streets etc.) 2
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