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A subset of roads from the County Council's list which was made for the 20 MPH scheme. There are some in here which simply haven't been updated in OSM by my (fairly dumb) script due to name variants or because we don't name service roads in OSM. Lets plough through the list and try to get a handle on what's what, and try to incorporate all the edge cases. If you find something that does exist in the OSM db, strike it out in this list like this and tag the db object using

maxspeed=20 mph
maxspeed:note=Oxford 20mph zone

Maybe give a map link too. What's left should be a list of Stuff We Don't Have (redidential and service roads, at least). Sectioned for ease of edit.


abberbury road was mislabeled as part of Abberbury Ave - re surveyed to check which was which Socks
ackland close Pretty certain this is Acland Close (per the sign and OSM) near the Churchill Hospital --achadwick
azor court I recall the sign is Azors, but also handmade. Will have to check it out Socks Checked; proper sign now --achadwick
bakers lane found it on a local history website as a track in Iffley - resurveyed - it's got a grass surface! Socks
banbury road service roads
barracks lane (all lengths)
barrington close way 58775884 --achadwick
bartholomew road was mispelt - confirmed correct spelling with School website Socks
bayswater road service road east already caught as part of Bayswater Road. alt_name added Socks
bayswater road service road west already caught as part of Bayswater Road. alt_name added Socks
beaumont place Was mislabeled as part of Beaumont Buildings Socks
bishop kirk place
blacksmiths meadow updated name based on photo --achadwick
CHECKSIGN bursil close - down as "Bursill close" in the db right now --achadwick


cecil sharp place - Was "Cecil Sharpe Place", is actually "Sharp" --Craigloftus
chilswell road OSM had a missing s - wife used to live here, so I know it well Socks
church lane old marston
comfrey road - was not caught due to broken data; fixed --achadwick
complins close - was not caught due to broken data; fixed --achadwick
cotton grass close - down as just "Cotton Grass", with photo evidence. alt-named for future reference, and twentyfied. --achadwick
cowley road littlemore - alt_named properly now too --achadwick
cunliffe close misspelt in OSM, now corrected Socks
david nicholls close somewhere in Littlemore?Socks Located and added --achadwick
dents close Was unnamed, but is in Marston Socks
east field close space added to OSM data Socks and 20 zone added too :) --achadwick
eastchurch space removed from OSM data Socks 20 200 --achadwick
eleanor close "a" added to OSM data Socks


fern hill road was in as "drive" - corrected Socks
floyds row completely missing. Added from Yahoo/memory! Socks
frewin court missing - suveyed and added Socks
granville court I guess no-one had realised this was actually a street off Cheney Lane Socks
green road east failed because our data doesn't have east/west, so manually added the maxspeed Socks
green road west failed because our data doesn't have east/west, so manually added the maxspeed Socks
hampden road changed from hampdon Socks
hart street changed from Hert St Socks
headington road service road
CHECKNAME high cross way - we have a(n until now) suspiciously un-twentied High Cross Road up in Barton... probably that. --achadwick
hill top road space added on basis of this data and residents association website Socks
hill view road space added
hollow way cul-de-sac - was just down as Hollow Way. Alt-named it so things will match in future --achadwick
horspath road service road tags added Socks


ilsley road added the s to OSM data Socks
joan lawrence place corrected the spelling of Joan's surname Socks
john snow place changed from close to place
jourdain road corrected in OSM
keats close can't find this one in postcode or google searches. Suggests Bicester! Socks
kendall crescent typo correctedSocks
knights road service road
littlefield - alt_named it, but existing "little Field" from a photo trumps it for name= --achadwick
london road service road headington
london road service road risinghurst
magdalen street west added the west Socks
marston road service road
mascall ave typo corrected Socks
CHECKNAME merivale square - down as "Merrivale Square". Twentied, but real-world namecheck needs doing --achadwick
mill lane iffley manually added max-speed Socks
mill lane old marstonmanually added max-speed Socks
mistletoe green - Located and added --achadwick


north way bartonmanually added the tags Socks
north way headington
old marston road service road
overbrook gardens - found and added --achadwick
oxford road marston alt_name added Socks
oxford road marston service road
oxford station access road
pegasus road culs-de-sac - Perhaps way 109773952 and the adjacent way 140128463? Currently without names. --Craigloftus
peppercorn - pretty clearly Peppercorn Avenue in Wood Farm
peterley road Completely unsignposted, I've had to look up addresses on the various businesses's websites to establish which is Peterley and which Pony Lane. Socks
pickett avenue
CHECK plater drive emergency link - the cycleway on the end? the little sevice road? There'll be an openable barrier on the ground, presumably. --achadwick
pusey place had been labeled as part of Pusey Lane Socks
redland road - old name for Elizabeth Place --achadwick
ridgemont close way 52151350
rose hill service road manually added Socks 20:24, 28 August 2009 (UTC)
routh road typo corrected Socks


salford road service road
seacourt park and ride access road
shaftesbury road spelling corrected Socks
CHECKNAME sheriffs drive "sherif's", probably misspelled --achadwick
spring lane littlemore
spring lane Headington quarry
st aldates street no "street" on streetsignSocks
st nicholas road "Saint" --achadwick
stansfeld place alt-named it. Sign is different, rest of area spells it Stansfeld --achadwick
starwort path -- corrected spelling --achadwick
stone quarry lane -- Corrected spelling --achadwick
CHECKNAME stratfield road we have this down as Strathfield Road - 20ed, but check name on sign --achadwick
stubbs ave Council data's "ave" confused this Socks
sunderland avenue service road north - Perhaps way 52430303? (A little unclassified link road) --Craigloftus
sunderland avenue service road south - Perhaps way 52430305? (A little unclassified link road) --Craigloftus
sweet green - Council misses "close"; alt_named with ours as priority since I would have typed it in looking at the sign --achadwick
CHECKNAME swinbourne road -- "Swinburne Road" down by Donnington Bridge, presumably --achadwick


tackley place
the link marston
the link risinghurst
the slade service road http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/30450078 probably
three fields road - no "road" on the street sign
ulfgar road - Was incorrectly Ulfgor Road.
wesley close way 22564831 --Socks who found and mapped it properly (hippy)
westrup close way 4929942 --achadwick
white house road signs disagree with each other so whitehouse added as alt_nameSocks
william kimber crescent - abbr'v't'd on the sign - http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/23280597
windsor crescent Was incorrectly named, but is in Marston Socks
woodstock road service road
worcester street (a4144 and unnumbered)
CHECKSIGNS wychwood close - there's a wychwood lane in the tip of Risinghurst, and some unlabelled residential. Last time I was there, it was a) raining and b) things were not clear.
wynbush road - OSMdb "wyndbush" corrected --achadwick