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This page describes a historic artifact in the history of OpenStreetMap. It does not reflect the current situation, but instead documents the historical concepts, issues, or ideas.

Available languages — PHProute
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This page wasn't always up-to-date. For the latest news you could've visited!



Development Roadmap

SimonZ was working on a reworked version of PHProute. The main sourcecode follow the OOP-idea and can't be compared with the old version. The Project was relaunched with version 0.1 by SimonZ was working on a reworked version with the code developed by Please do not ask for any release dates. PHProute is discontinued. Questions about development and technics were welcome =)!

The old development "blog" here in OSM-Wiki can be found on page PHProute/Dev-Blog, but it is currently not up to date and will never be again.

The current development roadmap can be found here

Technical Informations

It is under development for any PHP5 version with pgsql module, PostgreSQL database (atm no extensions needed) and any webserver.


No benchmarks were made.



This is the first video made with PHProute v0.1 on 1st March 2008 by It shows the first working version of this project wich can route within city limits. To watch this video you need the Flash Plugin.

Watch the first video


Screenshots of new GUI

Progress of routing optimisation

Compare between two weightings and fixed distance calculating.

First screenshots

Other screenshots of reworked version:

Source Code

PHProute code was available as Open Source. You were once able to download the source code from

Contact, bug reports and feature requests

Do you have any suggestions? Please visit and let us know them! Thank you! Sorry, can't take any suggestions anymore. It's a done deal.