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Permalink is a link in the Share menu of the map page (and also available for many other maps made with OpenLayers or Leaflet). A permalink URL is also visible all the time (uses a # symbol) in the address bar of your web browser. It is then possible to copy this link to be included in e-mails etc.

It includes/sets

  • the map position and
  • also includes the currently selected style/layer of the map (Mapnik, Cycle, Transport, MapQuest Open).


Note: The style of permalinks changed in August 2013. Older style permalinks should still work.

For example this URL: (pre-August 2013 style ) ... presents East Putney in London. All the house numbers are shown in the Mapnik style

This URL: (pre-August 2013 style ) ... specifies another location and a different layer URL parameter, to present the cyclemap, which shows topography and cycle routes.

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