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You can consult more updated templates in Import/GettingPermission.

Dear XXX,

I'm involved in an online project called [1].
The target is to create an Open Map, freely available to everyone to be used, Wikipedia style.

I would ask you to use the data of XXX, which is on its website [2] to draw on the map.

I must say that the data loaded into OSM is released under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL)[2] version, which means that 
everyone can use and distribute the data, but (A) indicating its origin, and (B) releasing the data under the same license.

In other words, your data would be used along with existing one in a large project together to add value to the data.

Furthermore, I can't imagine that this poses any problem for you business, but OSM policy is to be careful to get permission to use  third's data.

Many of the data in your map, are already included in OSM, but certainly your collaboration would enrich the map.

Sincerely yours, XXX

[2] http://