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This page documents recommended tagging of schools in the Philippines. This will mainly focus on the public schools, but this page will also provide tagging for private schools, and schools tied to a religion.


Naming convention

  • The name=* tag would be the name as seen in the entrance of the school. It is usually in English, but it may be in a local language, primarily Filipino. In case both English/Filipino and local names appear on the sign, tag both names, separated by a slash.
  • Alternate names/and abbreviated forms of the school's name (whether official or unofficial/colloquial) should be tagged with alt_name=*. In case of schools named after a barangay or city/municipality that is soon renamed to honor a person, the former should be retagged as an alternate name, in case locals still use it, otherwise, use old_name=*
  • Never expand abbreviations like "St." to "Saint", "Sta./Sto." to "Santa/Santo", "Dr." to "Doctor", etc., just to comply with the "no abbrevations" rule. If the abbrevation is normally expanded, it is fine to map those as expanded in OSM. If abbrevation is not normally expanded, do not expand them.
  • School identification numbers ("school ID"), if found, should be tagged with ref=*. Some can be added from aerial imagery, if visible.