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phyghtmap is a simple python program to create contour lines from NASA SRTM data and output them as OSM data. If you have questions or find a bug, please send me a note: User:Panarchos.


Basically, phyghtmap offers the same functionality as srtm2osm. However, there are some differences:

  • written in python, no C# runtime environment is required
  • phyghtmap outputs already tiled data (with a maximum of 1,000,000 nodes per file), no need to tile osm data afterwards
  • phyghtmap runs considerably faster than srtm2osm, especially using parallelization on multi-core machines running POSIX compliant operating systems
  • phyghtmap has some additional functionality as e. g. output of xyz plot files for displaying surfaces e. g. in gnuplot.

There are some enhanced capabilities:

  • polygon support
  • pbf output support
  • o5m output support.

Please note: As all contour line generating programs, phyghtmap is not intended to produce data for upload to the OSM, but simply for creating fancy maps. So please do not upload contour line data to the OSM servers.


phyghtmap is available for download here. On that page, you will also find detailed information on the dependencies and on the different installation possibilities.

At the moment, phyghtmap is available as python source distribution and as Debian package.

Using phyghtmap