Portland, Oregon

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Portland, Oregon, United States

latitude: 45.52, longitude: -122.681
Browse map of Portland 45°31′12.00″ N, 122°40′51.60″ W
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Portland is a city in Oregon, United States at latitude 45°31′12.00″ North, longitude 122°40′51.60″ West.

Mailing List

Join the OSM PDX Google Group email list.

Join the OpenStreetMap Portland meetup group.

Portland Data Sources

See also projects section below.

portlandmaps.com is operated by the city of Portland and has GIS datasets. A phone call to the City indicates the information on the site is public domain. Also, it seems the raw GIS data might be available through Metro.

Plenty of raw data is available through CivicApps.org. City of Portland, Trimet, and some other agencies have contributed their data to the public domain.

Mapping Projects in Need of Adoption

This section of is a result of a talk given at State of the Map US in Portland on October 13th, 2012 (see the slides from the presentation here). The table below is presently a stub for the projects that were identified as important to the Portland map and which we're hoping the Portland community will collaborate on and complete. The details will be fleshed out and the tables will be expanded and reformatted during the week of October 15th - 19th. Feel free to add and modify in the meantime.

Addressing and Building Footprints

As Steve Coast has pointed out the lack of addressing in OpenStreetMap is the principal barrier to the project gaining mainstream acceptance. Being among the first regions to add this data is a great way to make Portland stand out.

There is a group currently working on the project to add building footprints and associated address data. A wiki site and a Github repository exist for that.

Data Sources

Source Dataset Format Notes
CivicApps Address Points (region) Shapefile
CivicApps Address Points (City of Portland CSV/Text

Transit Route Relations

There is an ongoing effort to capture public transit data in the form of route relations around Portland.

Bicycle Route Relations

Neighborhood Greenways (previously called Bicycle Boulevards) need a lot of work, completion of this effort will improve the utility of the Cycle Map tiles.



Route Relation Completed Notes
North Michigan Neighborhood Greenway relation 1660241 yes
North Williams Neighborhood Greenway relation 1618827 yes
Northeast Rodney Neighborhood Greenway relation 1699071 yes listed as 'funded' on PBOT map. much of the infrastructure is in place.
NW Raleigh Neighborhood Greenway no

Foot(Walking/Hiking) Route Relations

Many widely used trails do not have relations



Route Relation Mapper Assigned Status
Marquam Trail n/a none incomplete
Terwilliger Trail n/a none incomplete

Points of Interest



Neighborhood OSM Node Mapper Assigned Status Notes
[ ] none incomplete

Water Bodies

A number of major water bodies in the region have yet to be mapped

Data Sources

Source Dataset Format Notes
CivicApps State of Oregon - Hydrography Shapefile
National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) State of Oregon Extract File GeoDatabase

Missing or Poorly Mapped Water Features

Name Relation Mapper Assigned Status


For Metro and city-operated routes within Metro Portland.



Route Relation Status and notes
4T Trail relation 2278715



Route Relation Status and notes
"ABC" Bike Boulevard relation 1619112 Complete
16th Avenue Bike Boulevard relation 1620106 Complete
40 Mile Loop relation 69684 Complete
Alameda-Sacramento Bike Boulevard relation 1620046 Complete
Bryant-Holman Connector relation 1618780 Complete
Clinton-Woodward Bike Boulevard relation 1620203 Complete
Concord-Fenwick Bike Boulevard relation 1618779 Complete
Denver-Willamette Bike Boulevard relation 1618779 Complete
Gladstone-Center Bike Boulevard relation 1618779 Complete
Going-Alberta Bike Boulevard relation 1618941 Complete
Grand Avenue Greenway relation 2253269 Complete
Hollywood Bike Boulevard relation 2253269 Complete
Holman-Ainsworth Bike Boulevard relation 1618904 Complete
Johnson Street Bike Boulevard relation 1618797 Complete
Ladd's Addition Bike Boulevard relation 1620104 Complete
Mount Tabor Bike Boulevard relation 1620185 Complete
North Central Bike Boulevard relation 1611532 Complete


Route Relation Status and notes
130s Greenway relation 1793541 Complete
Illinois-Vermont Greenway relation 1660263 Complete
Klickitat Bike Boulevard relation 1619099 Complete
Market-Mill-Millmain-Main Bike Boulevard relation 1793579 Complete


Fancy organising a Portland mapping party? Just do it! Link the details from here

PDX Meetups for OSM US Editathons

Saturday, October 19th, 2013 10AM-5PM at Urban Airship -- Details

Saturday, April 20th, 2013 at the Lucky Labrador Brew Pub -- Details

Saturday, January 26th 2013 2-6 PM, at Radio Room. More info on Calagator.

Other Past events

Oak Hills Beering

Saturday February 4th 2012 3pm-6pm @ Oak Hills Brewpub OHBP

In attendance:

August 15th 2009 User:Hurricane ran a mapping party

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