Potlatch 1/Future plans

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Potlatch is under active development. Here are some of the features planned for future releases. If you'd like to suggest further improvements, you can use the feedback page.

Planned in the near future

  • online help
  • icons for POIs

Further off

  • new tag-editing panels
  • different map colouring styles (e.g. road-centric, cyclepath-centric, validator/fixme-aware, etc.)
  • magic roundabout-drawing button
  • built-in IRC so you can get help if you have a problem :)
  • pick up the GPS track nearest to where the user clicked, and do all the magic Douglas-Peucker-type stuff on it
  • undelete for POIs


  • log my edits to a separate text file
  • alert if you're using Flash Player 6/7 (in which case lines will appear thick)
  • smoother and smarter zooming/panning (so if the user presses left-cursor several times to pan left, only query the DB after the last keypress)
  • add support for errors layer OSM_Notes_API