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Here are some scribbles from Gravitystorm after a recent look at some UX test and eyetracking videos. Some of these things are my thoughts. Some are other peoples.

  • Zoom - people expect the controls on the left (like the front page), bigger, blue and consistent with openlayers
  • Save - expected to be on the top left. Maybe use a disk as the icon
  • Changes - no completion feedback for action (e.g. renaming roads). Difficulty in deselecting
  • Pan - missing pan icons. Moving ways around while trying to pan
  • Undo - people aren't finding it. Looking in the toolbox. Needs icons.
  • Signup - not obvious to wait for email. Some users saw website in spanish (same machine, same user account)
    • It says "Thanks for signing up. We've sent a confirmation note to user@example.com and as soon as you confirm your account you'll be able to get mapping." right at the top of the page after they sign up - not sure what more we can do... TomH 15:10, 29 June 2011 (BST)
  • Names - 'ways' means nothing to people. Areas are not filled when created. People create their own tags on the advanced panel. get lost with simple vs advanced panels after accidentally changing to advanced.
  • Polygons - adding more points is not discoverable. Merging polygons is impossible.
  • Map Style - which style am I on? If you don't like the main style, most of the rest are just the same.
  • Drag + Drop - not discoverable, but learnable and enjoyable. Many people expect click-icon, click map to create a poi
  • Categories - not alphabetical
  • Delete button - confused with deselect. Different icon? Less red i.e. less visual impact
  • Selection - selection (i.e. highlighting) not noticed / understood. Deselect when object is out of view?
  • Top Bar - saving changes on left?
  • Connectivity - people drag nodes over ways and want them to join. The delete-node-redraw option generally not found
  • Sidebar - should have minimum size / auto resize
  • Text - small, hard to read

Overall main problems were deselecting and making accidental changes while attempting other things.