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A typical tourism=attraction. The Big Apple in Colborne Ontario Canada

This week's project: "Another Roadside Attraction"

This road trip is dragging on for hours. Highway construction slowed your progress through the last town and there is a funny smell coming from the air conditioner. The family is getting hungry, fuel is getting low, and it isn't just the car that needs a pit stop at this point. Fortunately, the billboards have been telling you about an approaching roadside oasis every five miles for the last fifty. A place to stop and unwind, let the dog run around and walk the kids. A place for food and fuel and maybe even a photo with the oversized roadside attraction.

This week's project is to map roadside attractions. They are the huge fibreglass apple or World's biggest lobster or an oversized Canada goose, placed to be visible from the highway, and attached to a fast food joint and probably a gift shop.

Things we can Tag

The Roadside Attraction

A typical tourism=attraction. Roadside attractions may contain other attractions

Tag the fabricated attraction.


name=The Big Apple

These are almost certain to have generous parking areas.


And the associated restaurant



name=The Big Apple

Don't forget the gift shop


And more tagging examples

Other things to tag at roadside attractions. Are there activities or rides for the kids? Our example attraction also had a petting zoo.



A mini golf course


A miniature train ride



A miniature train ride



Where to find roadside attractions.

A typical tourism=attraction the Big Lobster in South Australia. Roadside attractions might even be found in far away lands.

Roadside attractions can be found in the middle of long car rides or at the end of long strings of billboards. The restaurant at the Big Apple features a gallery of other roadside attractions from Canada, the USA and huge number of attractions in Australia and New Zealand. Are there roadside attractions near you?