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Potlatch 2


You know it. You love it. It's the editor on the main OSM web site. It's Potlatch and it's had some serious renovations. It's so new that now it has a new name, "Potlatch 2". But before Potlatch 2 can go live on the OpenStreetMap web site, it has to be put through it's paces. After more than a year of development, Potlatch 2 is a complete re-write of Potlatch. It has new features too numerous to mention, but for the most important feature; it is an editor for OpenStreetMap. So let's test it.

The Project of the Week is to take Potlatch 2 for a spin. It's probably best if you already have Potlatch experience. Use Potlatch 2 for your regular editing this week. Let the developers know about the things that you think they did really well in Potlatch 2. Also let them know about any bugs that you uncover, and how to duplicate them. If you find something that could be documented in a manner that is more understandable, let them know about that as well.

Check the documentation

Right. Nevermind. Nobody reads the documentation first. And if you must, some documentation is provided. Your feedback on the documentation is also welcome.

There is also a help summary in Potlatch 2. Press the Help button at top right.

Get started

The Potlatch 2 editor is currently installed at


Enter the location you want to edit in the search box at the bottom of the page. Press continue or enter and Potlatch 2 will open, centered on your area of interest.


What will you see in Potlatch 2? The first thing that you notice might be the larger editing area. Or perhaps the large collection of dragable icons.

What you might not notice is the moveable toolbox shown at the lower right of this sample. Move it to where you want it, or dismiss it. To get the toolbox back, use the options button at top right.

Check the documentation

Report bugs

If you find operational or documentation bugs, report them on the Potlatch 2 bug page. Enhancement requests have a page of their own.


Potlatch2 developers report that users of Potlatch2 increased by 60% during PotW. PotW users contributed comments, bug reports and suggestions that lead to improvements in Potlatch2