Project of the week/2011/Jan 05

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Police stations

Traditional Metropolitan Police blue lamp outside the former Bow Street police station in Covent Garden, London.
Police station icon, rendered in mapnik

When you need to find a police station, you need to find it Right Now! The Project of the Week is to map your local police station.

Tagging suggestions

Police stations can be mapped as a node or an area.

Required tags

The only required tags for a police station are

Optional tags

Add the operator tag to describe the police department details.

  • operator=* #Examples: Los Angeles Police Department, Ohio State Highway Patrol, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, etc.


Add addressing information for the police station as well.

Wheelchair accessible?

Surrounding amenities

Are there stops of public transportation around?

Are related amenities around the police station? Does the station also serve as a drop-off location for a local food bank or other social agency?

Is the police station co-located with a fire station, ambulance or paramedic station? Add those as well!


These graphs show the number of police station points and polygons in the OpenStreetMap data base. The graphs are updated about once per hour.

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