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Estate Roads
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Plasmon
Tagging: highway=estate
Applies to: way
Definition: General tag for roads that access areas without having an interconnecting character, additional to highway=residential, e.g. for industrial estates

Draft started: 2009-06-06


Additionally to highway=residential there should be a tag for roads which should not be tagged as highway=unclassified, because they have no interconnecting character, but which are also not being tagged as residential, because they are in an industrial estates or outside built-up areas. The German translation is "Erschließungsstraße", so if highway=estate is not a proper English term for it please suggest a better one.


Roads tagged with highway=unclassified should typically form the lowest form of the interconnecting grid network. On the other hand, all roads without official classification that are not residential, service or track are tagged in this way. Think about roads in industrial estates, or roads outside built-up areas that have no interconnecting character. Regarding residential areas, it seems not to be common to tag a road with connecting character as highway=unclassified, because "unclassified" is associated with rural roads or roads in industrial estates. Also, a lot of roads that should be tagged as highway=unclassified are tagged as highway=tertiary, maybe because the "connecting character" is not (Mapnik) or only little (T@H) visible onto the standard maps. At least this seems to be common practice in Germany.

So the main advantages of the new tag is a clear separation of roads with connecting character (highway=motorway/primary/secondary/tertiary/unclassified) from roads with accessing character to a certain area (highway=residential/estate). This is also good for routing software (more consistent input data) and renderers (weighting up highway=unclassified).

To look ahead, highway=residential might be replaced with highway=estate in general. So the surrounding property is already defined by the landuse=* tag, so there is no need to define a special road type for this.

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