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Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: jan-leila
Tagging: lgbtq=unmarked
Applies to:
Definition: a way of marking public space has no indication of support for the lgbtq community

Draft started: 2024-02-28
RFC start: 2024-02-29


adding a "unmarked" option to the lgbtq tag


Right now there is not a way to mark a location in a neutral manner to say that this location does not state a viewpoint on the lgbt community and its difficult to separate out places that have not been mapped from places that simply do not have a posted value.


Tag Description
no (already exists) lgbtq people are explicitly banned in a space
unmarked space give no indication that they make efforts to respect people in the lgbtq community
welcome (already exists) lgbtq people are explicitly allowed in a space
primary (already exists) lgbtq people are the target audience for a space
only (already exists) lgbtp people are the only people allowed in a space


Any public building, or poi that does not explicitly have marking indicating if its welcoming to lgbtq people could be tagged with this


No rendering changes would be needed

Features/Pages affected

Key:lgbtq would have a new section added to it

External discussions

inital questions:


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