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Proposal status: Inactive (inactive)
Proposed by: Cbm
Tagging: maxspeed=walk
Applies to: way
Definition: *

Rendered as: not rendered by default
Draft started:
Proposed on: 2008-10-22
RFC start: 2008-10-22

The object of this proposal is to add the new value "walk" to the existing key "maxspeed".


Lots of laws (e.g. maxspeed in pedestrian precincts, or maxspeed for allowed bicycles on footways) do not set a precise speed, but set 'walking speed' (between 2 and 20 km/h) as applicable law. This can be usable for other highways than living_street, which is the only highway type with an implicit maxspeed=walk (in some countries, presumably).

This new value is very important to set most-accurate default (local law) maxspeeds.

See also: OSM_tags_for_routing/Maxspeed


There shall be no rendering by default, as this is more important to routing software.


Please add your comments on the discussion page.


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