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Proposal status: Proposals with undefined or invalid status (inactive)
Proposed by: Driver2
Tagging: type=street
Applies to: relation
Definition: To bind all parts of a street together and everything else that belongs to it (especially addresses).

Draft started: 2009-04-15
RFC start: 2009-04-15

This Relation is used to bind all parts of a street together and everything else that belongs to it (especially addresses). A 'street' in this case, consists of all ways with the same street-name (in one city of course, not everywhere).


Since many streets are split into many ways (mostly due to different properties), it could be useful if one could have a way to put all those parts back together.

Since both the street-relation and the currently used associatedStreet relation (which binds housenumbers to streets) do pretty much the same, it would be sensible to use one relation to bind all elements of a street together. Otherwise we would have one street-relation that contains all the street segments and at least one associatedStreet-relation that either contains one of the street segments or maybe the street-relation.


Key Value Comment
type street Defines that this is a Relation of the type 'street'.
name * The name of the street
any * Any Tag that applies to all parts of the road (this is always true for the 'name', but that's obligatory anyway)


Type Role Recurrence? Comment
way area street One or more All ways that are part of a street (as in with the same name)
node way area address / house Zero or more Housenumbers / Housenames that belong to the street (as in have the address of the street).

node A single housenumber node.
way A housenumber interpolation line.
area A building drawn as an area, with a single housenumber attached.

node way area associated / others... Zero or more Anything else that belongs to the street, but doesn't contain an address.

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