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Fontaine Ardente

Fiery Fountain is called "Fontaine Ardente" in french, and we have at least two of them close from Grenoble

Barnes38 (talk) 12:48, 31 March 2024 (UTC)

Fontana Ardente

Fiery Fountain is called "Fontana Ardente" in italian, there at least one of them

--Gabrielesani (talk) 17:19, 31 March 2024 (UTC)

Probable commons category

A category that may be relevant is .

I cannot say what an internationally recognizable name could be. I think "fiery fountain" is a backtranslation from french (and italian). I don't have an english geology reference to look it up and wikipedia/commons does not help me that much. --Gormo (talk) 07:41, 2 April 2024 (UTC)

You are perfectly correct, the name is indeed a translation since the italian and french name are the only one I was able to find --Gabrielesani (talk) 08:00, 2 April 2024 (UTC)