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Proposal status: Rejected (inactive)
Proposed by: TobiBS
Tagging: aeroway=airspace
Applies to: area
Definition: Airspaces defined by the local authorities

Rendered as: Not in standard map
Drafted on: 2009-05-29
RFC start: 2009-06-06

Please see Aviation for the reason why this is "rejected".

This proposal is thought as a standard for the tagging of airspaces (Airspace) used in aviation.


  • airspace=A/B/C/D/E/F/G/restricted/dangerous/prohibited Airspace class according to its definition by the local authorities.
  • ref=* Official number or reference of the airspace
  • name=* Official Name of the airspace
  • type=ctr/ If the airspace is a special type, like a controlzone (CTR) or similar
  • lower_limit_type=agl/msl/fl Type of the lower limit of the airspace, e.g. AGL (Above Ground Level), MSL (Mean Sea Level) or FL (Flight Level)
  • upper_limit_type=agl/msl/fl Type of the upper limit of the airspace, e.g. AGL (Above Ground Level), MSL (Mean Sea Level) or FL (Flight Level)
  • lower_limit=* Lower Limit of the airspace
  • upper_limit=* Upper Limit of the airspace


An airspace might be defined as a simple rectangle, for example a controlzone around an airport. Connect the four corners with an area and tag it according to its definition, lower limit of a controlzone is typical the ground, therefore 0ft, type AGL. Upper limit is normally in MSL, in our case 2200. It is a CTR therefore type should be ctr and the name is Braunschweig as it belongs to the airport. As a controlzone it is airspace class D.

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Today every country has its own interpretation of aviation maps, some things are standardized by ICAO, but not all. Therefore rendering is very dependent on local wishes, a proposal for Germany and the popular DFS ICAO Maps might be: based on User:TobiBS/Kosmos ICAO Map Germany Rules

It should obviously not be integrated in the standard map.


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